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Spaces to us are the dynamics of life. Their tendency to progress, evolve and adapt to our needs and lifestyles is significant. For some, the space they exist in, is their fingerprint in this world and in history, and for others it is the comfort zone in which peace resides.

The ways of which we receive and interact with our immediate surroundings are limitless. Together, we co-exist within the natural and built settings and form integral elements of each others' life-cycles. 


Form and Function are the driving forces of designing any space. We, at My Spaces Designs Studio, plan and design each element to live and synchronise through the harmony of lines, colours, fixtures and fittings, creating dynamic atmospheres with distinct personalities.


Our design culture and philosophy are aimed towards helping our Clients live, function and reflect their individual characters. 

Whether it is a piece of furniture, a statement wall or a complex of buildings, we are proud to hear you call them "My Spaces". 

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About Our Studio

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